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Shot in 2023

Length: 1 minute


Ratio: 1.77:1

RED Komodo 6K - DZO Pictor

Director: Augustin Marcadé

Cinematographer: Alexandre Crozet

Production: SLAPS

1st Assistant Camera: Line Février

Gaffer: Maxime Velé

Key Grip: Octave Maria

Colourist: Charles Balda


For this project, Augustin. wanted that every effect and fantastic worlds who appears in front of the childens to be done for real instead of using CGI. This way we managed to get the handwork feel we were looking for. 

To help us making up those pictures, I created 3D simulations of every setups using the software Cine Tracer. It was very helpful to test every ideas we had and see what work and what doesn't before building the sets. This way, we also managed to save a lot of money by building sets at the exact size we needed for the specific shots we had to do.

Original storyboard (created with Cine Tracer)

Behind the scenes

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